Ancient Incas


The Inca had little formal education, all of the little formal education that they had was reserved for aristocratic boys. The Incan rule said, “It Is not right that the children of the plebeians [commoners] should be taught knowledge, lest the lower classes rise up and grow arrogant and bring down the republic [empire]: it is enough that they learn the trades of their fathers.” The parents gave most of the knowledge that was necessary. The fathers would teach their sons how to make weapons, tools, and shoes, while the mothers taught their daughters in practical domestic matters.

Both husbands and wives taught their children to know their place in society and instructed them about their obligations to the emperor and the empire. At the age of 12, young nobles attended lessons in religion, history, geometry, astronomy, language, poetry, and music. They would repeat back to their teachers, who maintained discipline by applying 10 strokes to the bottom of the feet with a rod. Such beatings were limited to one a day. Aristocratic boys spent time training to be warriors by doing competitions in fights and many other competitive things.


The Incas had various amounts of food from farming. Some of the main crops are potatoes, peppers, avocadoes, cotton, peanuts, corn and tomatoes. They Incan people created farmland on the Mountain sides, and also have very extreme efficient farming methods. For meat, the main food was guinea pig, which was kept in houses to grill when they needed to eat it. The domestic animals that they had were the alpacas and the lama. They kept these animals because they were good for wool and also carrying loads of stuff, but they also could provide meat as well. The Incas not only did farming for their food, they also would go fishing and hunting for birds and other things to eat.

It is believed that the Incas were the first people to make salsa with tomatoes, chilli peppers and other spices. There were no tables back in the time of the Incas that is why the poorer people of society would eat with plates on the ground and the nobles would eat on a cloth which was also on the ground. Incas drank a fermented drink called chicha. They drank this fermented beverage from the bowls that they carved out of gourds. Rich people drank from pottery vessels or even from ones made out of silver or gold.

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Inca clothes were made from wool or cotton because those were the warmest materials that they had, which kept the Incans warm in the colder days. Ordinary people wore alpaca wool as clothing, but nobles would were better wool called vicuna wool. The Inca men wore loincloths and tunics while the nobles would wear gold ear plugs. The Inca women would wear a long dress with a cloak on top fastened with a broach.

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General Information

The Cilvilization had a stunning estimate of a poplulation of 20 million or more.They owned the land of Cusco, which is now called South America. (Peru) The tribe started around 1438 and ended in 1533 because the Spanish started a civil war and killed the entire population. The Spanish reached the Incan teritorry in 1526 and took them 7 long years to make the Inca civilization extinct. The spoke the language of the Inca civilization is Quechua but hundreds of local languages and dialects were created.

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Many different polytheistic religions were practiced by the Inca people. Polytheistic religions believe in gods and goddess' and their myths and rituals. Polytheistic religions over time evovled into monotheism, pantheism, and atheism. Within polytheistic are different types (some groups believe in only one god, some believe in multiple) Most had beliefs like the extistince of Pachamara and Viracocha. Pachamara is a goddess that means mother earth, and Viracocha is seen as the creator of all things (universe, sun, moon, stars, time, and civilization itself.)

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Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is a site that is 2 430 meters above sea level. It's located on a mountain range above the Urubamba Valley in Peru. Archaeologists believe that it was built as a estate for the Incan emperor. They started building Machu Picchu and surrounding in 1400 AD at the height of the Incan Empire. Most of the village was destroyed in the invasion of the Spanish. They have most of it restored to what is believed to be its looks of the time of the Inca people.

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Class System

The Incas people had a very-well defined hierarchy for the people of the community. The Emperor was at the top of the class system, then their were the Upper Class which was little above average and generally got education. At the bottom of the Class system there is the Farmers, Peasants and servants. No one really cared for these people or granted anything for them. They were treated unfair out of all of the people apart of the Incas Civilization.

The Book: Life Among The Inca