Welcome to Historical Roots historicalRoots This wiki is the work of a number of grade 9 students in Regina, Saskatchewan. The page is set up to show and promote the contributions of the Ancient Civilizations to the life we have today in Regina. Anyone interested in adding to the research we have here or commenting on the content please join the wiki and help us promote all the great ideas of ancient times.

Unit Exam Here are the Questions that will be used to set up your Unit Exam next week.

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Here is the key to the Questions that you printed off in today's class.

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Ancient Civilizations - Ms. Adams

Welcome to the Wiki and our Time Travel Project!

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Egypt - Joanne & Morgan

Africa - Nicole & Katherine

Persia - Ella, Gabby, & Lauren

Aztec - Rebecca & Cortney

Phillippines - Faith & Allyssa

Mayan - Jill, Abby, Jenn, & Brady